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  • 1st February 1965: Rajkumar Bikramjit Singh was born into the Royal family of Rajkumar Roton Singh and Yaimabi Devi in the town of Imphal in Manipur.

  • This little boy at the tender age of 2 was inspired and guided by his two older siblings to follow music and its many nuances and intricacies. In addition this young monarch’s love for sports such as, football occupied the higher slot on his favorite list, with rugby, boxing and weight lifting in that order.

  • In 1974 tragedy struck this self confident 8-year old. An accident left him incapacitated for over a year. Bikram was under closely monitored medical treatment for multiple fractures which he endured after falling off a tree. The shadow cast over young Bikramjit’s misfortune, prompted his father to gift him with his first flute whiles he convalesced.

  • My father was quite sympathetic, he told me that I would not be able to play football, rugby or boxing hence gave me my first flute. Soon, I mastered the art of this beautiful instrument. Says he.

  • All that persistent practise paid off: Bikram was just thirteen years old when he started accompanying singers and other musicians on tours. He played for (AIR) All India Radio that year with some established radio performers.

  • But his real reckoning came when he moved to Pune to pursue higher studies.

  • In 1989, Bikram moved to Pune to complete his masters in Archaeology followed by a Ph.D in 1992. However, pretty soon his academic pursuits came to a halt as Bikram dove passionately to pursue his musical career. There has been no looking back since then.

  • Today, he belongs to the New Age musicians’ brigade who matches Indian spirituality with a Western perspective. He has collaborated with renowned artists such as Karunesh of USA, Ronnie Benise of USA, Jorgon Ohnemus of Germany, Chinmaya Dunster of Great Britian, Sashtro of USA, Leslie Lewis of India, Amarish Leib of Germany, Maneesh Vyas of India, Marius Huesch of Germany, Atasa of Japan, Zhubin Kalhor of Iran, Prem Joshua of Germany, Wind Music of Taiwan and Tomas Mischoud of USA… just to name a few.

  • With his deep understanding of Indian classical music and exposure to Western modalities, Bikram possesses a keen insight into crafting unique sounds for people who meditate and enjoy soulful musical experiences.

  • Bikram has played in more than 250 international albums, and his album Himalayan Whisper has been listed for the Grammy in World Contemporary music in 2007.

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